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Over the winter of 2016-17 I fully restored this and two other World's Series. 

This 1934 game has an original coin door and an nice playfield.  A number of parts from my store have been applied including shooter tip, leg plates, leg bolts, springs, mylar base disk, new balls, new springs, new ball lift rod & knob, new shooter rod & knob, cash box, pinballs, marquee, outs counter decal, cash box, cabinet decal, instruction tag, excise tax tag and star wheel.  It has been stripped and repainted.  The plywood sheet at the bottom of the cabinet has been replaced.

The playfield has been cleaned and oiled and is about a 9 on a sale of 10 playfield.  The playfield pins were tumbled and reinstalled to remove dirt and corrosion.  The legs are original, but have replacement levelers.

It is fully functional and mechanically restored, but these games always need some adjustments after shipping--which I will walk you through by phone.  I will pack and ship in the US for $50.  Contact me if you are interested  

Restored Rockola World's Series Machine #2 for sale

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